About The Book

(In)Sights: Peace Making in the Oslo Process Thirty Years and Counting was written to become the must-read book about the Israeli-Palestinian peace process by all concerned parties. Published in September 2023 – ahead of the thirty-year milestone since the first Oslo Accord, during an extended period of diplomatic stagnation, and before the Hamas attack on Israel of October 7th and the ensuing Israel-Hamas war – (In)Sights was based on the working assumption that Israel and the Palestinians will have to resume a political process at some point in their future. In that moment of ripeness, every ounce of past wisdom would be essential. Hence, (In)Sights brings together the lessons regarding the Israeli-Palestinian political process that have survived the test of time and remain relevant today based on Gidi’s many personal stories.

Toward that goal, (In)Sights is singularly structured. While all books about the Israeli-Palestinian Camp David negotiations of 1999-2001- including by Barak, Clinton, Sher, Ross and others – have taken the chronological approach, describing the events as they unfolded, our book follows the “outstanding issues,” which were negotiated in 1999-2001 including end of conflict, Palestinian statehood, territory and borders, security, Jerusalem and holy sites, refugees, water and economics. Our reference point was the draft of the Framework Agreement on Permanent Status (FAPS), which was used by the Israeli team, that Gidi was responsible for.

The original structure of the book inspired a lot of original content, hitherto unpublished. In particular, the chapters on the framework, explains the logic of seeking “end of conflict and finality of claims;” the chapter on Palestinian statehood has a section on the succession from the PLO and the PA to a Palestinian state; the chapter on Palestinian refugeeism elaborate on the only offer ever presented by Israel for the resolutions of the plight of Palestinian refugees. Additional original content appears in every chapter of the book and the full list of what’s new in our book is attached here.

Finally and as importantly, the structure of our book allows us to present to the Palestinian and Arab side and its supporters an honest representation of the Israeli perspective. As well, to the Jewish and Israeli audiences, we offer an honest representation of the Palestinian positions and the dilemmas they faced.  


Gidi Grinstein is an Israeli societal entrepreneur, author and thought leader who also served as secretary of the Israeli delegation for the negotiations with the PLO during the Camp David negotiations of 1999-2001 including at the Camp David summit with President Clinton, Prime Minister Barak and Chairman Arafat. Prior to serving in government, Gidi spent five years working with the team that designed the Oslo Process, focusing on a range of economic and political issues that are shaping relations among Israel, the Palestinians and Jordan.

After his government service, Gidi founded the Reut Group, which is a unique methodology-based nonpartisan research, strategy and leadership group. Reut has worked on a range of national security and economic development issues, as well as on the evolving relations between Israel and world Jewry. In that capacity, Gidi co-authored the ISRAEL 15 Vision for Israel’s long-term economic development and led the launch of TOM (Tikkun Olam Makers), which is Reut’s social impact arm and a global humanitarian project that aids those living with disabilities, the elderly and the poor. In 2014 Gid authored Flexigidity: The Secret of Jewish Adaptability and the Challenge and Opportunity Facing Israel and earlier in his career, Gidi founded the Israeli team that designed Taglit-Birthright Israel.

Ari Afilalo is a tenured professor of law at the Rutgers University School of Law, where he has taught international law, international trade and regional integration, E.U. law, international political theory, and commercial law since 2000. 

Ari has written extensively on international legal matters, including a groundbreaking book exposing the historical evolution of the global trade system, the roots of populist movements, and the relationship between the constitutional nature of the Western State and the international legal order, which was published by Cambridge University Press.  Ari was a legal practitioner for 25 years and has been a member of the Shareholders Committee of the Paloma Picasso Group since 2000. 
Ari was born and raised in Paris in an immigrant Moroccan family, and he has deep roots in Israel where he studied and lived before moving to the United States.  Ari has been the President of the West Side Sephardic Synagogue in Manhattan since 2016.